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The first game “Sonic the Hedgehog” was released as a game software for Mega Drive (GENESIS in the United States) in 1991, and 4 million copies worldwide due to the speediness of the game and the cool character of Sonic, the main character. We recorded a big hit over.

Since then, numerous series have been released for various game consoles such as Dreamcast, Nintendo GameCube, Game Boy Advance, PlayStation 2 and XBOX.

During that time, media development including television animation was made in Japan, the United States, and Europe, and in the United States, the American character favorability third place (“Q score” children’s popularity survey in the United States) gave a feat.

With the theme of “COOL”, we have established a solid position in children around the world as a hero of justice.

Sonic the Hedgehog, as the name implies, is a supersonic hedgehog, a cool, pointy character that can not be held in one place without being caught by anyone.

The slightly sassy look and the kindness of not being able to overlook the troubled or weak things made him a worldwide favorite.

Sonic will continue to run through various stages in the future.

Here are the most popular characters in Sonic the Hedgehog games.

10. Big


Real name Big the cat
English name BIG THE CAT
Common name Big
Type Cat
Sex Man
Height 200 cm
Body weight 280 kg
Age 18 years old
Favorite things Fish

9. Rouge

RougeWild & sexy female bats.

A treasure hunter specializing in gems, she always gets what she aims for.

It looks seemingly frivolous, but it is a realist who is so high that it is extremely.

Decide on her own behavior with a profit and loss account rather than justice or morality.


Real name Silver the Hedgehog
Common name Silver
Type Hedgehog
Sex Man
Height 100 cm
Body weight 35 kg
Age 14 years old
Favorite things Peaceful world
Hate things Evely
Special Skill Supernatural power

8. Cream

Cream A rabbit girl who is good friends with Chao and always with her friend Chao “cheese”.

The desire to learn knowledge and curiosity is intense in hard, hard work in everything. That is the nature of her because she has a very strict mother, a small voice is a way she always shows her.

she can fly the sky with your big ears. Cream attacked strongly with cheese! By the way, the mother’s name is “Vanilla”.


Real name Cream the Rabbit
Common name Cream
Type Rabbit
Sex woman
Height 70 cm
Body weight 12 kg
Age 6 years old
Favorite things TV especially “NEXT show”

7. Silver


Silver is a hedgehog that came from the future to change the world of the devastating future.

Using psychic powers, it is a special skill to move various things with psychokinesis.

There is a place where it is easy to run a bit, but while growing up in a devastated future, the character is positive and has a strong sense of justice. He will fight to recover the peaceful world.


Real name Silver the Hedgehog
Common name Silver
Type Hedgehog
Sex Man
Height 100 cm
Body weight 35 kg
Age 14 years old
Favorite things Peaceful world
Hate things Evely
Special Skill Supernatural power

6. Shadow

Shadow The Hedgehog Shadow is a supreme creature with extraordinary strength, if you watch the movie Sonic X, you will see a terrible Shadow (5 times stronger than Vegeta). Shadow was created by Black Doom (the dark lord who can control aliens), after Shadow was created, he entrusted Gerald Robotnik with care.

In detail, the skates helped him achieve an incredibly fast pace like Sonic to be Sonic’s rival (in season 2 of Sonic X). Shadow has many similarities to Sonic. Also, if you pay attention In any Sonic movie, you can find that his shoes can also help him to fly up in normal form while Sonic’s shoes are not. This means he can turn into Super Shadow like Sonic if he has Chaos Emerald.

He looks like Sonic from the hair, eye color, wrists, shoes, and the shape of the porcupine spikes, but the thing is that he has a black coat and red stripes that give the character a more striking look.

Shadow is considered an anti-hero (the middle character is not bad), so in games with Shadow faces like Sonic Adventure 2, Shadow The Hedgehog, … it shows Shadow has just helped Sonic but also helped Bad (in Shadow The Hedgehog, Shadow helps Black Doom get the Chaos Emerald and destroy the army)


Real name Shadow the Hedgehog
English name
Common name Shadow
Type Hedgehog
Sex Man
Height 100 cm
Body weight 35 kg
Favorite things None
Hate things All humanity
Special Skill Chaos control
Chaos blast Chaos

Emmy Rose

A girl who falls in love with him, who pursues Sonic Day by day. Self-proclaimed girlfriend of Sonic.

An energetic and bright mood maker, and an extravagant desire act. When it is emergency, taking out a favorite Pico Pico Hammer from nowhere is one of her special skills
Sonic also thinks that she is quite perfect and constantly tries her best.


Real name Emmy Rose
English name AMY ROSE
Common name Emmy
Type Hedgehog
Sex woman
Height 90 cm
Body weight Hi Mi Tsu!
Age 12 years old
Favorite things Soft cream
Hate things boring
Special Skill Card telling
Pico Pico Hammer

4. Knuckles


Powerful and powerful Harimura.

Living alone on the Island floating in the “Angel Island” sky without knowing the reason, protecting a huge gem called Master Emerald. It is the fate of the Knuckles and the only entity that can control the master emerald.

Sonic’s rival and Kenka’s friend. If Sonic is a “Wind”, he is a “Mountain” who has been decided to stay in one place. There is one side that is easy to be deceived because of a serious and serious character. He is also a treasure hunter and martial arts user. Kobashi’s power is intense, and its punch also breaks up rocks. He also has special skills such as gliding and climbing hills.


Real name Knuckles the Echidna
Common name Knuckles
Type Harimura
Sex Man
Height 110 cm
Body weight 40 kg
Age 16 years old
Favorite things Fruit
Hate things Strong sunshine
Special Skill Drilling, wall climbing, gliding, punching

3. Dr. Eggman


Self-proclaimed evil genius scientist. He likes mechanics more than three times of cats.

He is a very good scientist with a high IQ of 300, but he is also trying to make the world an Eggman land without bothering people. A man who never gives up.

The scheme is totally haunted by Sonic, and it is a heartfelt wish to overthrow all the achievements Sonic without hesitation.


Real name unknown
English name Dr.EGGMAN
Common name Dr. Eggman
Type Human
Sex Man
Height 185 cm
Body weight 128 kg
Age unknown
Blood type B type
IQ 300
Favorite things Mecha

2. Tails


His real name is Miles Pauer, commonly known as Tails. A kind-hearted child fox with two tails.

He can fly in the sky by rotating the tails. He is attracted to the Sonic character because of his running speed, and since he admires Sonic, he always stays by his side.

He loves to mess around with machines and develop various mechanisms. Although it is a cute little brother for Sonic, Tails himself wants to be able to a supporter on Sonic someday. Using that ability, always support the activity of Sonic.


Real name Miles Pauer
Common name Tails
Type Fox
Sex Man
Height 80 cm
Body weight 20 kg
Age 8 years old
Special Skill Fly the sky by rotating two Tails
Hobby Manipulation of machine and mechanism



He loves free-minded people, and it’s big that they bent. He places that are a little sloppy, but he also has the kindness that can not be left alone if there are people in need.

His Life is considered to be a series of incidents and adventures and lives according to one’s own rules rather than surrounding rules and common sense. He keeps his promise. He will not betray you. Honest to his justice.

Normally, he is a mere swayer and greedy at any time, but here he is astonished by the intensity and sharpness.

Anyway, he is the fastest hedgehog ever in history.


Real name Sonic the Hedgehog
Common name Sonic
Type Hedgehog
Sex Man
Height 100 cm
Body weight 35 kg
Age 15 years old
Running speed Supersonic speed

Above is the ranking of the most popular characters in Sonic the Hedgehog.
In your opinion, which character is the most popular in Sonic the Hedgehog?


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