“Sonic Says” Don’t Talk During The Film In Upcoming PSA

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If you’ve ever been in the cinema, you should know not to talk or use the phone throughout the movie. Usually, it is possible to remind right before the main feature begins; sometimes it’s as simple as a line of text, sometimes there’s a funny animation or skits to help drive home. Based on what we have discovered, it seems that Sonic (possibly his movie Repeater) will give us a lesson on why we shouldn’t talk or text throughout the series. movie.

Thanks to a listing of rated trailers, commercials and PSAs on Alberta, we’ve discovered that a Sonic “Movie Etiquette” PSA has been rated.

sonic no talk no - Sonic Sega Shop

While we don’t really know the format of this PSA, fans will know that Sonic’s been teaching kids valuable lessons for a while, most famously the “Sonic Sez” segments after every episode in the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon.

This format would often see Tails (sometimes another character) acting as a stand-in for some child who doesn’t know any better, and Sonic would zoom in to remind Tails what the right thing is to do in a particular situation. The topics ranged from drinking, smoking, sharing, climbing into a clothes dryer, and most infamous of all, inappropriate touching, inspiring many a YouTube Poop.

All that said, this wouldn’t be unfamiliar territory for our blue hero. It’s about time he taught the masses how to behave during a movie!

We look forward to seeing it in theaters when it releases.


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