2021 Will Be the ‘Next Big Year for Sonic’

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Back in 2017, SEGA released two new games in its most iconic franchise: Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces. While the quality between the pair wasn’t exactly consistent, it was an impressive year for a series that, despite everything, continues to sell in droves. It seems as though Sonic Team might be plotting a similar approach when the hedgehog turns 30 in 2021, if new comments from Takashi Iizuka are anything to go by.

At South By Southwest earlier this year, Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka spilled the news that the next mainline Sonic the Hedgehog game was in development. In recent years, like in 2011 where we had Sonic Generations, Sega released important games to mark the occasion. When asked if that was the case for 2021, he giggled and said quietly “Maybe.”

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Anyway, as we wait for more details on future Sonic games, be sure to check out the most recently released title in the series, Sonic Mania, which is also one of the best games released in the long-running series:

Sonic Mania continues to buck the trend of bringing back a classic the right way, like Doom before it,” reads a snippet from our official review. “But the team doesn’t forget the heritage of which Sonic was based on, and keeps his 16-bit roots completely intact, while introducing fresh new ideas that fit our hero like a glove. It’s insanely fun to play, despite some mild frustrations, and it’s great to have 16-bit Sonic looking and sounding better than ever. It’s a great return for a hero that was in desperate need of one, and it gives me high hopes that Sega may just right this ship yet. It’s easily one of the best games this year.”

So, it sounds like new games are off the table until the blue blur’s 30th birthday, but hopefully Sonic Team will pull out all the stops.


2019 was set to be a fairly big year for the Sonic the Hedgehog license, as the blue blur was scheduled to make his silver screen debut in a live-action film. However, due to fan backlash and negative reaction to the trailer, the film has since been delayed to 2020 so the team can fix the much-maligned character model. It sounds as though we won’t know much else about the next mainline Sonic game that was mentioned by Iizuka at South By Southwest, but at least we now have some small details to go off of.


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